We stock the full range of Thor Building Products insulation products including:

  •     Fibreglass Batts from R1.5 to R6.0
  •     Polyester Batts
  •     Reflective Insulation – Foils
  •     Roofing Blanket
  •     Acoustic Batt Insulation

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Fibreglass Thermal Batts

Insulation Big Batts are a highly effective, lightweight, flexible and resilient glass wool insulation batt. Tested to Australian Standard 4859.1 – Insulation Big Batts are Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant.

Manufactured from up to 100% recycled glass, they provide excellent thermal resistance whilst being easy to install.

Insulation Big Batts are supplied in both 430mm wide and 580mm wide to suit 450mm and 600mm ceiling joist centres.
They are also suited for use as under floor & wall insulation.

Polyester batts

In House Supplies and uses Fibreco Polyester Batts.

Polyester Batts are a general purpose, bonded polyester form of insulation that provide you with relief from heat, cold and noise, helping you make your home a more comfortable and quieter place in which to live.

Polyester Batts provide your home both with Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, and Insulco produce the Batts in a range of R-values to suit your needs.

Gold GreenRate Level B Certified, safe and easy to handle thermal insulation products made from recycled and virgin polyester. Suitable for a range of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Fibreco Holdings Polyester Thermal Insulation Batts are made from thermally bonded polyester, using approximately 40% post consumer recycled content (recycled from PET bottles) and 40% pre consumer recycled content and 15% – 20% virgin low melt fibre. This has significant environmental benefits attributed to reduced material consumption and reduced waste to landfill. There is also significantly less energy required to produce recycled polyester, compared to virgin material.

Fibreco Holdings provide a range of lightweight thermal insulation products suitable for various building and construction applications including walls and ceiling insulation.

Where Polyester Batts stand out from the crowd is in their handling. Polyester batts are soft to the touch and this is why they are referred to as the softer alternative

Reflective Insulation – Foils

In House Supplies uses Thor Building Foil.

Thor Building Foil is a superior strength polypropylene weave product with
a high reflectivity anti-glare side for safe installation. With a pressure sensitive
polymer adhesive Building Foil reduces weight while increasing
edge tear resistance and tensile strength.

Available in cell 104, cell 310, cell cavity wall, cell underfloor and roofing.

Rhino Cell offer 3 in 1 insulation, vapour barrier and radiant heat barrier  for use in roof, wall and floor systems.

The fibre-free, non-allergenic, formaldehyde free materials used in Rhino Cell  provide a safe solution which is also easy to install.

Roofing Blanket

In House Supplies manufacture our own Glasswool Roofing Blankets from quality materials.

Polyester Roofing Blankets are becoming increasingly popular as building insulation for homes, offices and commercial sites.

Glasswool is hydrophobic and as such will repel water. Polyester neither absorbs nor desorbs water vapour.

Glasswool Roofing Blanket is generally fitted under the roof sheeting with the bulk insulation uppermost and the foil facing downwards, where it acts as both a reflective face to control heat and also acts as a water proofing membrane when the overlaps are sealed.

In House Supplies Glasswool Roofing Blanket comes standard at 1.2m x 15m coverage with a 150mm overlap on the foil. All blankets have light weight foil adhered as standard.

Our Glasswool Roofing Blanket comes in three standard thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, correlating to nominal thermal ratings of R1.5, R2.0 and R2.5 respectively. With these three ratings, In House Supplies are able to satisfy any requirements for roofing blanketing.

Acoustic Batts

In House Supplies provides H-VAC Acoustic Batts.

H-VAC Insulation Batts are the market leading sound reduction providing acoustic and thermal resistence.

H-VAC Batts are a high density glass wool batt highly effective at sound reduction in a variety of settings

We can supply the acoustic limiters in a range of  densities and sizes.

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Effective acoustical treatment
  • Designed for use in residential and commercial buildings and industrial facilities and equipment
  • Helps create a better environment
  • Saves energy
  • Each style is suitably designed for each specific purpose.
  • Available in a full line of blanket, batt, board and pipe cover for specific architectural and mechanical applications